Solocator - GPS Field Camera to stamp photos with location, direction, altitude, date, time + optional editable notes App Reviews

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Go ahead!!

1. Application for iPad mini size needed!! 2. Export selected or all pics to kml or shape file with attribute data table needed!! Including azimuth value in separate cell for further gis mapping with directions arrows. Please do, will be the best app for field survey images!

Nice geotags displayed on photos

Recent update (May 22, 2016) makes app useless on iPhone 4. 2.3.2 freezes a lot but it does work sometimes on an up to date iPhone 4 running iOS 7. One work around is to take a screenshot while app is frozen since it still shows the camera and I think gps data is accurate. Then use regular camera to get the higher res photo. Then the only way to see the photos though is to email them. There is no upload feature to transfer them to a computer. Great idea. I like the visible geotag info but its too quirky for 5 stars.

Handy app

This is a handy app. good for documentation. I like having the two pics - one clean and one with the data. Good for evidence documentation.

Good App

App is great for Forestry work, Gives me coordinates on every picture. would like to be able to place multiple photos on a single map though, just a thought.

Great App

Great app. Use it for taking construction photos. Would be nice if one could use Dropbox rather than sending the pictures to Apple photos. It would allow for separation of work photos from personal photos and I could have access to them right on my computer.

Great App

I love this app.

Fantastic App

Love that it takes two pictures one with the subject and all of the information and one with just the subject of the picture.

Best app Ive found

This is the best app Ive found for documenting utility structures while locating underground utilities with GPR.


This app is a pipeliners dream. I cant wait until the Google earth functionality comes out. THANKS

Should be better

Ive been using the app for a few months and it sometimes behaves in a buggy fashion. It will crash suddenly or fail to delete photos when I ask it to. This last item in not good if you need to save space.

Great app

Just what I was looking for. Perfect for documenting site visits. Thanks for making this app!

Ideal App for Field Inspector

As a contractor I work for various Municipalities, Counties and the State. This app has served its purpose time and time again. It is the best app out there. The details you can add to the photos just makes reporting a breeze! LOVE THE APP. Throwing it out there. Can you make an iPad version now that the iPad Pro offers flash with its camera?!?!


Very good program! Lack just a screen capture button on the map.

foto mit richtung



Putting an elevation label on a pic works great, but the compass heading mode isnt accurate at the edges of the pictures.

Overall great app for location scouts

Love using this for detailed info esp. Recording location/direction...excellent app for location scouts. Couple suggestions to improve: batch export to iPhoto or other geotag enabled programs; option to record address book info to each image for easier filing...


I work for a solar company and this app works great for taking a pic of the roof where the solar array is to be installed and them to send in to the office and they can immediately see which way it is facing.

Nice app for work

Nice app. Price of app is a bit misleading. To get all features it will cost you a few $. Very helpful being able to label photos with description and legal land info when doing oilfield or construction projects.


I find this app to be the perfect tool for shooting a bearing along a long lot line then using the gps overlay to stay on that bearing. Plus the legal aspect of photos showing any encumbrances. Exactly what I needed. To top it all off the gps maps show where to find a cup of java in town. Lol

Thumbs down major glitches

I payed for the industrial pack both my boss and I when we go through the steps it says purchase failed then charges you. You go to restore what you purchased it still fails you owe us 10$ u rats finks

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